"Need a new building, you know to call a Real Estate expert; If you need New life for your business, call WCI Promotions, that's who!!!

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Imagine selling 5,000 Vacation Memberships in 30 Minutes.
Well actually that is how long it took us to sign the CONTRACT
with one of America's LARGEST Discount Clubs with over 20 MILLION

Our agreement states that they will sell 5,000 Memberships
in the first TWO Weeks after starting the Campaign. Guess what, they did that.....

It took us 30 minutes to put this DEAL together.

Can you do something like that with OTHER Vacation Companies?

Well of course NOT... your wholesale costs are TOO HIGH.

BUT.... NOW YOU CAN since your Wholesale Costs are soooo LOW.


I hope your getting it.

You are only moments away from Vacation Success.

You are only moments away from Owning Your Own Vacation
Company just like Hyatt, Shell, Hilton, Sun International,
Marriott, Global Resorts Network, Mor Vacations, Resorts 360, RCI,
 Interval International and Disney Vacation Club to name a few.
If you want to own your very own vacation Club Membership for the same price you would of paid to only be a member to all the others, including the fact that when everyone re orders, they will re order from you

 Plus... much much more... Go right now to our Private Vacation Club

To my wonderful entrepreneurial husband of 23 years... We have been in the travel industry for quite some time with you. Most of the other programs, or memberships had some great deals, but NOT a complete Package. Something was always lacking. It is so nice to see everything you need all on one site, & readily available at your fingertips. Bargains, Convenience, Best Price Guarantees, all with the press of a button. Honey, you have made the right choice & I am excited to build this business with you to supersede anything we have done in the past.  love you sweetie....Donna, Ohio

Hi Scot,

I have to say I am very impressed with what I've seen so far with Resorts and the Ultimate Wealth websites. I've been involved with other travel memberships and marketing systems, but, they always seemed to be missing something. It's nice to have everything in one place- a great travel product with a great pay plan, and a marketing system that gives us step-by-step instructions to be able to duplicate and train our own team members the same system. Not to mention, a great trainer and mentor, yourself! I'm not just saying that)
 As you know, I've been looking for a legitimate Internet Business for some time. I've tried several different avenues, systems, and products.   Once they got my credit card information, that was usually the end of the process.  I was pretty much on my own from then on. 
I never gave up because I really needed to find something worth my time and effort and still enjoy doing it.  I wanted something that would be fun and exciting, and still be able to help others and enjoy a nice income of my own too!
I'm so happy cause I really think I've found it this time. I'm very happy to be working with and learning from you. I know with your help and guidance I'll be able to achieve all my goals and dreams. My family is really relying on me to achieve my goals, and I won't be happy unless I do.  

My brother passed away suddenly Aug 2000, and left a little girl and boy behind.  My husband and I decided to gain legal guardianship of them to try to give them a family and home.  My sister-in-law, their mother, had and still has lots of problems to deal with.  Jaymie was 8 yrs old, a been a real blessing to our life, and I've tried to be there for them as much as I could.
 I tried to work full time at first, but, it was too hard with the hours I had to work and I needed to have the freedom and flexibility with my time.  The kids needed lots of love and attention, and I wanted to be there to give it to them.  
 I had 18 ½ years of banking experience.  I started in banking as an Armored Car Teller, and I worked my way up the Corporate Ladder.  I was a Loan Officer,  a Personal Banker,  an Account Manager,  
But, when it came time to try to get some time off for the kids, it wasn't possible.  I felt I had to beg my boss to give me an afternoon off when I needed to take the kids to a doctor appointment.  That was enough for me.  I knew I had to change my life and get back the freedom that I wanted by working my own business from home. 

Thank you Scot, for showing me this opportunity and bringing this business to my attention.   Im looking forward to a very successful and Happy 2010

 Sincerely, Laura K

Hi Scot,
I have been self employed for many years and have experienced all the pitfalls of owning a business: difficult employees / waiting for money / never being paid at times / high insurance premiums / etc. My occupation was very physical and took it's toll on my body. I was burning out.
I found it was time to re-invent myself! It was time for a change! Enough was enough! I had a chance meeting with Scot Chatron and was fascinated with his attitude and how he was prospering. His success could not be denied. I wanted the same freedom and success. My joining Resorts  was a 'no brainer' for me  for 2 reasons: 1) My family loves to travel. 2) The money making capability was mind boggling.
 I am very excited to be a part of this and look forward to my future and success!

Hi Scot, 
I, like you, worked many hours every week. One day I counted the times I started my car to jump and run to pick up a contract or deliver a title, or put a sign in the yard...18 times. AND THAT WAS A SLOW DAY FOR ME! I lived in Rockford, IL at that time so I came home to Ohio for a "vacation" and many times my brothers would insist that I go to a meeting...it was Amway, Herbalife, some sort of air cleaner, etc. Now I want you to know that when I sold real estate, I was very involved..I am a charter member of the Rockford Area Women's Council of Realtors. That is an organization formed under the National Assn. of Realtors and kept me hopping around the country for the different classes and meetings. (Where I had Leadership Training Graduate classes BTW.) That didn't count local and state events, I hardly missed a one. Plus I was almost always a $l million dollar seller in the days when a $50,000. to $75,0000 house was the norm. A $100,000. house was the exception. I would resist with everything I had to keep from being coerced into going to another meeting on my time away from my business. When Chris told me about the webinars and conference calls and I started to listen is when my interest was peaked...when I came to the seminar in Cols and really realized that maybe I really could earn some money while staying home and using the Internet, I thought, I owe it to myself to once again invest in myself. My trademark, so to speak, through all of this has been, "Helping you do, what you want to do." Because a friend once said I was a salesperson, my response was, "No, I'm not selling, I'm just trying to help you do what you want to do."

Since real estate, I have worked at retail in an upscale boutique shop and in a interior decorator shop in Galena, IL where we lived. I really enjoy that, but it is very hard on your feet and legs. Interior Decorating is my passion, has always been my passion. Resorts  promises to be an easier way for me, but I will still be involved in interior design. 

Hi Scot,

Before I became part of the wci team and resorts  I was working a full time job at a large telecommunications company. I started looking for an opportunity that will allow me to grow and challenge myself as a man. I knew that I deserved more in life and I could not wait to make that change. I love to travel and I love to make money as well so I figured why not look for an opportunity in travel with a large commission payout.

I came across Resorts  and Scot Chatron and the rest is history. I knew that Scot was a great mentor in this industry who is focused on the task at hand and creating success for himself and for his team. I just figured that why continue to make sales for a company to continue to make them rich and not myself. I have what it takes to create success for myself on a daily basis. Its time for me to stop putting 8 hours per day in another person's business to receive and hourly wage and start putting that time in my own business so I can create profits!!!
 Darius K.

Thanks Scot

My name is Jerry S.  My wife's name is Shirley.  We have been married over 50 years.  We have two sons, daughter-in-law and two grandsons.  I began my career in Wichita, KS.  Out of high school, I went to work in a dental laboratory as a delivery boy.  After several promotions, three years later I spent two years in the U. S. Army as a dental technician in France.  After the Army we moved to Hutchinson, KS where I was employed as a dental technician in another dental laboratory.  In Hutchinson, I joined t Club where I served at president.  I opened my own lab in Hutchinson where we operated for 10 years.  Our next move as a family, was to Dallas, TX where I opened another dental laboratory.  We stayed there 19 years.  In 1996 we moved to Bella Vista, Arkansas.  Our purpose of moving to Arkansas was to be with my parents and help them out for the remainder of their lives.

I met Scot Chatron on an Internet site three years ago. My goal is to learn the Internet business and help out with our retirement income.  I have attended a seminar in Los Vegas and in Orlando, FL that Scot organized and presided over.  He has helped me with many teleconferences and phone conversations.  With his help, I hope to build a group of my own and continue to help others as Scot has helped me.  Being on Scot's team, I hope to continue learning and keep busy, earning money and do some traveling. Sincerely Jerry S.

'My name is Bryant M,I am 52 years only and I realize that time is truly one of our most precious possessions and I want to be able to control my own.

I was always told go to go out and get a good job with benefits. Been there and done that too. I worked in corporate America a good company with great benefits but they decided labor was cheaper in another part of the world therefore our jobs went there.
I worked for private industry and family and friends sometimes get paid more than those who are working every day even when they are not even there.  

I am currently the customer service director for a log home company. The company has little to no benefits, no profit sharing, they stopped contributing to the 401 k and there has not been a pay increase in years. Every time you bring up the topic
they tell you how bad things are in the economy.  What I do know is that the first three months of this years my department has brought into the company over 1 million dollars.

I am tiered of working for people that do not compensate nor appreciate the effort you go through to save and making them money. I guess I am sick and tired of robbing peter to pay Paul so to speak. I want to be able to pay off my car and tell the creditor to kiss my cash good bye!

I have seen what Scot has done in the travel industry leading many people change their financial future! Scot I wish I had jumped in sooner. I am willing able and ready to take this opportunity to the next level for my family and future. 
 looking forward to the future with WCI/Resorts  Bryant M.

Hi Scot,

As somebody who has worked in sales & marketing most of  
my adult life for other companies, I see the great benefit in truly being in business for ones self. The ability to control ones destiny business wise is extremely important is this day & age where things are so precarious economically.

What I appreciate about partnering with a quality company like Resorts 360 is two fold. As a product driven company, Resorts  provides so much value to it's members in the way of deeply discounted first class travel.  Secondly but of equal importance to those of us who have chosen to partner with Resorts  & in particular, have elected to be on  Scot Chatron's team. this dynamic offers unparalleled marketing & sales support. The saying that you are in business for yourself but not by yourself is real with Resorts  and it's the difference between making it & not making it in home-based business. 



Dear WCI & Scot Chatron,
 I strongly believe in the travel business. I'm a 60 year old retired carpenter. I went house to house to show my travel packages and have sold over $25,000 in travel in just one month. Now with the fabulous Resorts company I can work from home, out of the rain, sleet & snow, and show more people at the click of a mouse how to travel and save. 
We got started & created a 1 day workshop in Columbus & closed 7 sales at $3,997.00.

Take your family on 5 Star Resort Vacations for less than $300 a week!! 
Let's Walk The Beaches of The World Together........ Chris n Margie  Ohio

 I have been a Psychologist, public speaker, trainer, facilitator and instructor for my entire adult life. One of my specialties is Stress and Time Management.  I have also co-owned and operated several businesses over the last 20 years.  I was lead into the travel arena simply by chance by answering a small ad in the local newspaper.  After beginning a different travel home-based business. I was unfortunately unable to obtain the proper training, mentoring and guidance necessary to become successful in that particular business.  I was, however, well-acquainted with you by means of listening to you on conference calls and often thought how terrific it would be to be taken under your wing and be guided on the road to success. You were kind enough to call me one time and answer a couple of my emails. It was always in the back of my mind, wondering how I could possibly work with you and duplicate what you do. My prayers were answered very recently when I received an email from you introducing me to Resorts  and, after perusing the web-site and speaking with you personally, jumped in with both feet!  You have no idea how grateful I am for that!  I have COMPLETE CONFIDENCE that not only will this business bring my family great financial success and personal reward, but it will also bring me success in assisting many other people in realizing their dreams and even helping others pull themselves out of despair and defeat.  And I can offer an product that is second to none and all that goes with it.  I like the idea of being able to market something honestly and with integrity.  Being involved in this company only this past week has already given my family a new sense of beginning and hope, and I am so excited to share this with others who are looking for the same.  I am fully committed to do what it takes to pass along the dream!  TIME! MONEY! FREEDOM!
 Jo-Anne from Alberta

Hi Scot:

 INSPIRING CALL TODAY!!!! Got all the emails out before you were finished 
with my calls today, Thanks. 
Inspired by call so since the end of the call I went to work on leads I 
had and got 3 people who should be on the webinar and call tonight.
And you do not need to apologize to me about your direct attitude on 
training people (as I sort of heard one time on the call, your attitude 
and directness is very inspiring to me. As I said that is what attracted 
Virginia and I to call to the first time. D

 Scot, As you know, I have worked in a myriad of vocations, (far too many to mention here) the most recent returning to the health industry as a Registered Massage Therapist. For a multitude of reasons I have been searching for a way to make money from home. I have always tried to challenge myself to continue to learn.  Having owned and operated several of my own businesses over the years, I discovered that I didn't have time to work ON my business...only IN my business.  I was lead into the area of travel by chance...I answered an ad in the newspaper and was subsequently lead to another home-based travel business.  I simply received no help in getting it off the ground and found myself going around in circles trying to make sense of it all.  I received an email from you recently, inviting me to take a look at Resorts .  It didn't take me long to see the potential of this opportunity and have climbed on board the Scot Chatron train for building a successful business. I am so very excited to be a part of this and to finally be able to work at home on my country property and never have to worry about traveling to work in a snow storm again!  I have always felt I was well suited to be an entrepreneur.  I want to work smarter...NOT HARDER!  I thoroughly enjoy working for myself.  I am committed to do whatever it takes to achieve my goals and dreams.  Ken from Canada

What I used to do in the past....owned my own business, sales for 30 years, tried numerous MLM's

What led us to the travel arena...we love to travel and we were looking for an opportunity to go with travel

What brought us here...We liked what we saw and progressiveness of the people behind this company

What is this doing for us...teaching us a lot about the travel industry and how we can turn it into a successful business

What do we have to look forward to...debts being paid and financial freedom within the year.

  To Your Success
Thank you for your training Scot

  My wife and I have been in many businesses. Because of how the economy 
has been going our businesses have slowly gotten worse. We have always
know that even during tough economic times the entertainment industry, 
of which travel is a part of, keeps going and even grows stronger. When 
we were introduced to Resorts  by Scot Chatron we knew that this was
for us. Not only do the products sell themselves but the coaching 
offered by Scot was something that we had never had or seen before. We 
didn't have to start a business by ourselves. All the tools for success 
are being provided to us. As long as we are willing to follow Scot's 
coaching and constantly take action on our part, our success will be 
assured. As we say, joining Resorts  was a no-brainer . We want what 
everyone wants, financial security for us and our family, great vacation
trips, and knowing that by just duplicating what we are taught by Scot 
and the company, this will allow us to help more people obtain their dreams.

Dave and Virginia in Arkansas

 Hi this is Randy from California back in December 2008 I was running two companies one in southern California and one from my home in Exeter California. Both companies were being affected by the economy and I was working all the time and just making a living. 
 I received an email one day and it was about joining a travel club and making a great living from home on the Internet. I joined that club in December and closed my two companies in august of 2009 and started promoting the travel business full time. Well after a couple of months went by I found that the company had a great product but lacked the support I needed to sell the product.
In December of 2009 I was approached by Scot Chatron and He told me about Resorts and how they offered the one on one support I was looking for. 
I joined with Resorts  in January and was surprised to find that my training started the very next day. I have had the chance to do one on one training with Scot and listen to him live wile closing a sale.
This has turned out to be the best decision I could have made for my future and I look forward to working with our team.
 Randy F 



HE IS great ....................but just wanted to say thank you to you personally in an email as that so inspired me again today Scot, so thank you from the bottom of my heart also thank you for the great example you are!

I believe GOD sent angels into our lives and you are just one of a few, I just want you all to know how much you guys truly have inspired me over the last few months, and I want you to know you have helped mold and change my life for the better and I really thank God for you scot,you are a great person and have a great heart and I want you to know I appreciate your heart and you and your family so much................

Even though I have never met your family I really do appreciate how much they have sacrificed over the years, for letting and being the great hearted people they are for  standing by you all these years while you did all the STUFF you did for for all the people you work with.................thank you to them and thank you to you Scot.......greatly greatly appreciated!

Dear WCI
 Tere and I have been in several home based businesses since 2007 and while we have learned a lot we have yet to produce exiting results.  

We transferred our membership to Scot and WCI Promotions when we saw the excitement, motivation and training taking place and have enjoyed participating in the group and with Scot, working toward developing a steady stream of income.

Gene and Tere

Own your very own 

  Hi, I'm Jodie from CA.  My husband, Randy, thought that with this awful economy my job as a 3rd grade teacher might be in jeopardy.  He found an Internet business in travel that he thought would be the perfect thing for me to do and also allow him to eventually leave his company in Los Angeles to work from home.
I started working full time in the business last June after I got out of school. But something was still missing.  When Scot found Resorts 360 he contacted us and shared what this company is all about. Finally, we found the missing piece. Everything was in one place that we were looking for especially the one on one training that we were given from Scot.  And not just for Randy but for myself as well. 
Words cannot express what a difference being part of Resorts  and working with our new team has made in our home.  We are both extremely excited about where we are heading in 2010. I have no doubt that our lives are going to be drastically changed for the better and we will be fully equipped  to help our team the same way.
With warmest regards,
Jodie F

 Scot,  Will be on the webinar and conference call tonight.

Thanks for everything and everything is definitely appreciated.

By the way, as I listen to you on the training calls and even in 
personal training I realize more and more why previous attempts at 
network marketing never worked. This Resorts opportunity from the 
first day I called you is working in more ways they I ever expected.


What do all these people have in common? Great People, Great company , Great Product & Services,  Great training!!!

 Your testimony Coming Soon

 Referral Marketing makes sense call us at 1-800-277-7116 Dial 2
 Imagine Receiving  $1000 to $6,000 on every referral that joins

 When talking to people I have always said that since Virginia and I joined Resorts the future seems brighter and more secure. Then the new marketing plan was introduced. Now there is just a constant bright glow surrounding our future and our security is definitely assured.

I usually watch webinars comfortably sitting back in my chair and my head is about 4 or 5 feet from the screen. However, in less than 5 minutes into the webinar I had moved closer to my desk. Then put my elbows on the desk with my chin resting in my hands. My face was approximately a foot and a half from the screen. I stayed that way through most of the webinar. All I kept saying to myself is give me the URL where I go to sign up.

The excitement just kept building and building. I thought to myself that even a novice, a person not computer savvy, could use this to make their financial dreams come true. My thoughts kept returning to one major theme. Here was a marketing plan that by itself can sell retail and even create a business partner for the owner of the marketing plan site. All someone has to do is ask the visitor, as they mentioned on the webinar, 2 questions: 1. "do you have any questions", and 2. "are you ready to get started".

All of a sudden it hit me that Virginia and I definitely made the right decision in joining Resorts . We knew we had made the right decision before the webinar, introducing the new marketing plan. But now no one could even make us have any doubts about our decision no matter what they say.

So here I am on the webinar patiently waiting for the URL to be announced where I can sign up for the marketing plan. About an hour into the webinar they announced the URL. I typed the URL into a browser immediately, signed up and they hadn't even finished the webinar yet. I was even in the back office of the marketing plan while the webinar was finishing.

This next statement should let everyone know how powerful the new marketing plan is. If all they had done is shown pictures, no voice, I would have still done the same process and signed up before the pictures were finished.

I have quite often heard the company's motto: "Product First". After the introduction of the "New Marketing Plan" I would say the company's true motto is "People's Success First".

All I can say at this moment is  thank you Scot, and thank you to everyone else that has had a major part in building Resorts .

Now not only the present feels absolutely secure but the future glows so bright I am going to have to start wearing sunglasses.

 I am so excited and so motivated that I know when I awake tomorrow it will be the first time in a long time that I am raring to go and exhilarated to get the day started. Now all I have to figure out is how am I going to get to sleep.

Thank you Scot Chatron & Resorts . 


Dear Scot:

I sincerely appreciate the time you took to personally meet to complete my sign up at the VIP Membership level in Resorts. Alison and I are very excited about working in a business where the only limitations are those that we may unwisely place upon ourselves. We are eager to work with you to achieve the successes available. 
Having enjoyed a number of successful careers in various industries, my wife and I now find ourselves entering retirement in a financial condition not expected just a few short years ago. We had accumulated a very nice during rewarding years as a manufacturers rep., a middle management executive with a fortune 500 company, an owner of two state-of-the-art computer centers and General Manager of a high-tech computer programming and services firm. This nest egg was devastated by the post-2000 stock market crash where tech and Internet stocks gave up trillions of dollars of value.  Several years ago, in an extensive search to find a way to rebuild our nest egg, we found that there were outstanding opportunities in the travel industry.  Finding the right combination of excellent product and substantial income was not so easy, until NOW. The discovery of Resorts is an answer to prayer. This product-driven organization delivers a fantastic array of vacation locations at prices guaranteed to be the lowest you will find. Resorts  offers features like timely availability, no lockout dates, all-inclusive options, three-to-five star resorts, a simple/online reservation process and much more. Memberships may be purchased by the year, for five years or, my favorite, the lifetime option.  Alison and I are excited about traveling in style and sharing information with everyone we know or meet, friends and strangers alike. All this while earning substantial referral fees and assisting others to travel economically and earn at the same time. With Resorts extensive support systems at our side we are now on the right road One of enjoyment and security.  This is what retirement should be all about.

Best regards, Great Success, Bill 

Hi Scot,
Thank you for contacting me...

"After 8 years as a loan officer  with a local mortgage company the recession
hit, and my company   closed its doors. I was introduced to Scot Chatron  W.C.I and the travel industry in March of 2009 and was immediately attracted  to  the travel business. I liked the idea of promoting something  everyone loved and looked forward to. Who doesn't love vacations? I wanted the lifestyle ,money, and freedom promised in all the advertising. Recently I followed Scot into resorts  because I wanted
to benefit from his experience and training.  The resorts  website is well designed
to be user friendly, and simple to use. Great for me as I am not very tech savvy.I look  
forward to many years of great travel and business experiences as a member
of team WCI.
Kathy in Ohio"

  Hi Scot:

It's nearly midnight here. It has been a long time since I have stayed 
up this late to do something I am loving.

3 events occurred today that made it special.

First, when I got those 23 extra leads I was not expecting I sat here 
playing "Mind Ping-Pong". I went between "should I call them" or "should 
I wait until tomorrow". Of course once I quickly realized what I was 
doing I started calling. Actually what happened was something unexpected 
in the 3rd event below.

Second event was something else. I decided that since I had to called 
this lady back at 8:15P your time I might as well find out if I learned 
anything from you in closing. After about a 15 minutes question and 
answer period I used your 1-10 scale question. This is almost exactly 
what she said: "At this point I am an 8 and after I talk to my husband 
tomorrow I will be a 10". Now that did something for my ego and 

Third event was on the call tonight. I know I had at least 2 people on 
the call. A gentleman  and a lady I had talked to during those last 23 
leads. The gentleman never gave his name but  I recognized his voice 
when he asked Carl a question. And the lady introduced herself and asked 
Carl 3 very good questions. One of the questions was "Could she get her 
sister on Thursday night's call?"

Here is the day in a nutshell. When I awoke I felt like I was only 
putting 5% into the day. When we got finished with the training I was at 
a 100% and when I finished the day I was at a 120% and accelerating. 
Now all I have to do is figure out is how to get to sleep.

Below are a few specific Testimonies, case examples and ideas of the great benefits and possibilities derived from using
  WCI Training, Memberships, & Incentives.

Good Day:

First off thank you for all the support you have given me.

As to the new format for the Conference Calls. I Like IT!.

Prospects like to know that they will get support not only from the person who introduced them to the opportunity but also from the company as well. These new conference calls definitely answer that concern. I have already gotten positive feedback from prospects I have put on these conference calls.

The conference call now can be considered a true training call as well.

As to the new opportunity site it looks and feels great. Easy to navigate and each page is easy to understand. 

Keep up the great work and support.


  Subject: New Training


I'm in the Rocky Mount, North Carolina Market and I am excited about the possibilities. 

I can see myself in the next few weeks hosting a seminar and having this area explode with excitement. 

I am located about 50 miles east of Raleigh. NC and I would like to thank you for the seminar training.  

Scot has been outstanding in his ability to get the point across of what it's going to take to be successful in this business. I am willing and ready to learn form one of the best in my opinion. 

It is my intention is to host seminars and work shops, so I would like to know what I need to do to have that privilege. Are there others in my area that are seriously wanting to make the seminar workshops happen? 

I will be moving to Raleigh the end of June and will continue to host seminars there. Please let me know if there are maybe we can get together and have a mutual beneficial event. 

Thank You so much for all you are doing for us. Success leaves clues and from what I have gathered it is like playing the child hood game of follow the leader. 
I look forward to following the leaders of resorts 


Hello Scot,

I have listened to your training calls last week and this week.  The content is excellent - just delivered too fast!!!  I am a retired teacher and I am pretty good when it come to taking notes but honestly, trying to keep up with you is pretty difficult.  I imagine that  the average person would be overwhelmed with trying to take notes.  

I think it would be helpful to all if we could read some scripts that have been used and found to be successful.  What to say when making that first phone call upon receiving a lead.  I have signed up for the HBC National Magazine Ad campaign. script for those actually responding to a resorts  ad and a script for someone responding to a general home based business ad.

My sponsor is on a five month traveling vacation with his family, thus I do not have anyone to call for assistance.  Having someone to call would be helpful.

Would you consider coming to San Diego to put on a seminar event?  I am unaware of a having a "team" in San Diego.  I sometimes feel that I am floundering but have decided to make Resorts a priority.

The new site provides a wonderful overview of the business opportunity.  Well done!!!!

Thank you for your help.


Absolutely without a doubt, the greatest testimony in our world is simple.
  Finally having the whole package deal. Money, Time, Freedom. My name is Scot Chatron. I am the proud owner of this web site, along with WCI Promotions & several other vacation Club memberships. I have been in the travel business arena for over 10 years running. I have seen every possible travel program, club, & opportunity you could possible ever imagine in this industry. 
 Coming from the traditional brick & mortar type business background. I was working 80 plus hours a week, not able to spend time with my family, & certainly, the dream of owning our own business had become reality, but with a high price to pay. The grueling hours, countless head aches, stress, employees for 25 plus years running had caught up with us, taking it's toll on myself, family & friends. I like you, searching for a better way, got involved along the way in many business models looking for the perfect business. Furniture, manufacturing, Real Estate, Vending, Distribution, Internet Marketing, ETC. 
  Finally, after researching enough programs, & countless investments, I found this industry, TRAVEL!! Travel is the largest industry in the world at already 8 Trillion dollars a year being spent. This industry is expected to double in size over the next few years, even with our current economy. I have been very fortunate to be at the right place at the right time, becoming part of this incredible opportunity to share with others just like me looking for a better way, better life style, again that package deal Money, Time, & Freedom. 
 In only 81/2 months into the industry, cleared over $200,000.00 dollars, then 10 months in having my best net income to date beat $225,000. 00 in profits, all from the comfort of our home. from that point, went to work, and in 29 short months became a Million Dollar income earner. Our lives have changed for the better, & so have the lives of countless others. We have partnered now with thousands of like minded people, all looking for 1 or all parts of our industry. 
  We have grown into over 50 plus countries strong, & still going. Our current full time work week is around 19 to 25 total hours a week, that include Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. We have been able to share this same type of schedule with people from all over the world, & have grown many of our partners into long lasting relationships. We are proud to say we have finally found that whole package deal so many people are looking for, but are usually too busy to investigate. Take time with us now, & add your testimony to this page of the countless people making 6 figure incomes, having the time to do what they want & the Freedom to do it how they want, all from the comfort of their homes.   Sincerely Scot Chatron

P.S.  Give us a call  at 216-857-3228 or e-mail us at info@privatevacationclub.com NOW!!!

P.S.S.  Make sure to get back in contact with the person that sent you 
to this website to get ALL your questions answered.

 Testimonies from WCI & our Private Memberships Members
 WOW What a Business!!!

Below are testimonies from people that use our Inventory & suppliers inventory from all of our travel partners & services including people getting started & taking advantage of the Opportunity for a better quality of life style each & every week...
We have copied & pasted these testimonies from all of our sites to share with all of you..............
We look forward to your testimony soon......

Private Vacation Club & Your VIP Resorts,

 My husband Steve and I love our Vacation Club Membership mostly for booking 8 days/7 nights stay in 3 to 5 star Condos. Were spoiled now; we prefer a condo over a hotel room any time. It is so much more comfortable having a living room, kitchen and 2 bedrooms and your own deck or balcony. 

In December we went to Freeport Bahamas and stayed a full week at The Island Seas Resorts. This inventory was a Two bedroom condo for $699.00 total. This is property is perfect to kick back and relax. Walk out front you have the beach and off the back deck you face a water way where people park their boats and Yachts, beautiful. There are two swimming pools, one with a swim up pool bar and a tiki hut restaurant and bar that was great food and drinks. It is only a 5 to 10 minute shuttle ride into town. I head off to a wonderful message at the spa and Steve goes scuba diving. It was great vacation!! 

Also, a note for those who prefer to be in town near the marina, shopping and nightlife our Club list Xanadu Beach Resort, 2 bedrooms for $450.00 for the week. Great Deal!! 

Happy Travels, 

Mindy in Colorado 

Your VIP Resorts,

I am a Master Distributor with the Your VIP Private Vacation Club program. 

I am truly looking forward to just exploding my business with record sells in this year in 2011 

Since becoming a Master Distributor a couple months ago, I have made sells that I have not made in other programs. In just a few months I have made 21 retail sells to people that love to travel and want to vacation a lot more when they can afford to do so and this club lets them do that. The Luxury Condo Resorts that we have will save you $100s to $1,000s of dollars on full week stays, its just outstanding. My tag line I say in my networking groups is, Travel a lot more, for a lot less, for a lifetime and that always sparks interest, like really tell me more! 

Currently I am working with several different local businesses, showing them how to use our membership to this Private Membership Club to grow their own business as sells incentives, thank you and rewards. 

It is also so rewarding to work with very worthy nonprofit organizations using our memberships in fund raising. 

The versatility of how you can grow your own business is endless! 

WOW get back to the person that invited you here. 
If you're truly serious of have your own business that your control, with unlimited earnings, this will do it for you. 

I can think of only one down side and that would be missing out on this outstanding business opportunity. Do not let this pass you by. Take Action Today. Do whatever you need to do to get started today, you will not regret it. 

Mindy in Colorado 

"We were able to book a vacation without speaking to anyone and had a wonderful time in San Antonio."  

Merle W.

Your VIP Resorts,

 Hi, my name is Mary and I have been a nurse for the past 30 years. I really enjoy helping people. I also have owned some rental properties for the past 10 years and have decided that this was not my cup of tea. I work many hours during the week and one of my goals in life is to be more financially secure. It seems as though no matter how many hours I work I can never get caught up financially. I have tried many other avenues to try to earn extra money but instead I got myself into more debit. Paid a lot of money into glorified programs with no results, no support, and no return. 
I truly believe that God places people into our lives and as I call them, Angels on Earth. As I did more research on the computer to find ways to earn extra money, I came across an ad about travel and saw a picture of Scot. I did fill out the form, read about the travel biz and really didn't think more about the ad until one day a got a call. I did not answer immediately  but did listen to the message. I did call back, but with uncertainty. One day a local call came to my cell number and guess who it was? My first impression of this guy was a good one. He was easy to talk to and made you feel at ease. By the end of the conversation he made you feel like we had known each other. The nice thing was that he is a local guy. I did what he told me to do because he does want coachable people. I was impressed what I saw. Then, in a couple of weeks Scot called me back, we met, introduced me to the product. Of course I was slightly overwhelmed and had butterflies in my stomach, but did reassure me that this was a normal feeling. The rest is history. 
My first impression of Scot is that I trusted him and he knew his product. Ever since I joined Scot's travel arena he has been very motivated and instrumental with ideas to not only help me but to help other people. He is one that encourages one to set goals and  to live by them. I know I will now have the opportunity to meet my goal , to be financially secure and also to continue to help others. 
I have joined Resorts 360 and now The Private Travel Club, which gives us the opportunity to own our own travel membership business. There is no need to reinvent the wheel because Scot has every thing in place and is willing to share his knowledge. 
It is truly a Blessing to have met Scot, one of God's Angels on Earth. 
 Mary from Ohio

Your VIP Resorts,
The products are unsurpassed anywhere! We have 3-5 star resorts in exotic places all over the world, cruises on the best cruise lines, plane tickets, car rentals, the best hotels, all for pennies on the dollar. We have our own private website to book everything we want, with wholesale prices, or we can get 24/7 bookings with a live operator. Our products are rated A+ with the BBB. Can't get any better than that.  Love it! 
 Charles/Linda Zupan

Your VIP Resorts,
 This is the FIRST & ONLY business that is truly our own business! After years of searching for the perfect business we finally found it. We have been involved with practically everything that came down the pipeline, at least 35-40 different MLM companies, at which we always ended up loosing our investment. We got stuck with $10,000 worth of inventory at one time when the company went belly up. So we have paid our dues. With this there is no inventory to stock. We set the prices. We set our profit. We get paid first, no splitting a commission. Nobody can screw up the company unless we do it ourselves. In other words, it's our company. We have all the latest technology to make our business easier. We have fantastic websites and reasonably priced lead programs if we so choose. We get great training and are helped by the twice weekly webinars and conference calls, plus they are recorded so we can prospect anytime we choose. We work our own hours. It's just the perfect business. Charles/Linda Zupan

"Hotel was better than expected!"  

Marjorie A.

San Diego, CA

Our program at Your VIP Resorts provides 3, 4, and 5 Star Resort Condominiums, Villas, Suites and Cottages
at the most desirable Resort Destinations WORLDWIDE, via a user friendly Website
or via a Toll Free Customer Service Phone Number.

For less than the cost of a Hotel Room you can enjoy Luxurious 1, 2, and 3 Bedroom Accommodations in the United States, Mexico, Caribbean, Asia, South Pacific, South America, Europe, Bahamas, Canada, Australia, Africa, and more.  

Plus you have NO Ownership Costs, No Fees, No Vouchers, No Coupons and 
No Obligations that are normally required with a Timeshare Ownership or other Vacation Clubs.

Our Membership has over 2 Million Weeks Per Year Availability in over 100 + Countries.

Each Membership also includes access to our Weekly "HOT WEEKS"
Listings starting, as low as, $199.00 for the Week (Average $275 - $399).
I know you might be wondering if this membership is... as good as... the ones you would pay up
$8,000 - $12,000 & more for at a Timeshare Presentation.
The answer is absolutely YES!!!

It's YOUR time to experience LUXURY Vacations.

Here is some of the hot weeks we have access to with this membership

Barrier Island  Station
Duck (North Carolina)
Your VIP Resorts
Membership Price:
$199/Week (7 Nights, 1 Bdrms)
Standard Price: $998
March 12, Check-In 

Sunchaser Vacation Villas
Fairmount Hot Springs (BC) Canada
Your VIP Resorts
Membership Price:
$294/Week (7 Nights, 1 Bdrms)
Standard Price: $799
March 19,  Check-In 

Himmerland Golf & Country Club
Farso (Denmark)
Your VIP Resorts
Membership Price:
$325/Week (7 Nights, 1 Bdrms)
Standard Price: $999
March 25,  Check-In

Folks, we have so many testimonies to list, we will do our best to make them SHORT & SWEET....

"Thank you for this wonderful service!"  

Mary A.

"Thank you for arranging our fabulous trip to Las Vegas! I cant believe how easy you made it. I simply filled out the request, follow directions, and we got the vacation I requested. Our hotel was located right in the middle of things and everything was in order when we arrived. They even let us add an extra day. I have to admit, I was worried at first, but you folks did everything you promised. Thanks again!"  

Margie G. 
Higley, AZ

"All arrangements exceeded our expectations. The hotel was excellent and check-in went smoothly and quickly. All of this made our stay to be enjoyable and relaxing. "  

Frank M.

Calabash, NC

"This opportunity made it possible for my husband and I to get away during the hectic Christmas Shopping Season. We were able to shop, go out to dinner and enjoy some quiet time together that otherwise would not have happened. Thank you."  

Beth & Patrick L.

Whitewater, WI

Do you believe in dreams come true?…..well you’re reading mine. 

I âm going to start out telling you I was skeptical of entering into a new business, but after researching what Private Vacation Club could offer me, I knew I wanted it! I have never looked back and have no regrets, just a testimony. I owned a successful restaurant and 5,000 sq.ft. Retail furniture store for years and the hours were excruciating and yes I made a good profit, but NOT the quality of life I wanted for myself and not being able to spend the time with the people I loved. 

Thanks to an incredible, successful man himself, Scot that showed me the Private Vacation Club I am living a lifestyle that gives me the peace of mind and freedom and a six figure income to pursue my dreams! I wanted to make money quickly, and by following the program step by step I am now experiencing the rewards.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself, because I AM living my dream and not just talking about it! I have the TIME, FREEDOM AND MONEY, and quality of life that comes with working from my home, owning and branding my own company, but most of all, I love working with a group of positive, dynamic, like minded people who like myself, were not afraid to go after their dream too!  Everyday, I am inspired, motivated and encouraged by the Private Vacation Family to be the best I can be.

In life you have to take a chance to have a chance! And I thank God for Private Vacations for it's the best thing I've ever done for myself and my family.

So get excited! Because if at this moment youre not living your dream, I am here to tell you. You can too! Take that chance, like I did, to change the rest of your life!

Shelley in Washington

"Thank you for choosing excellent accommodations for us in Ft. Meyers, Florida. The hotel was more than we expected! Staff was helpful; it was new and well maintained, with a very comfortable room. The breakfasts were great with LOTS of choices!! Nice area to visit in February!! Thanks."  

Tom & Julie S.

"I have been meaning for a while to send you a thank you for the for the Cancun vacation. I must tell you I had a wonderful time! The hotel was beautiful and right on the beach which was not crowded at all. The pools were huge and inviting. The staff was courteous and attentive they even gave me a portable cooler to take on the beach. The restaurants in the area were phenomenal. Working 50 plus hours a week this was just the getaway I needed. "  

Iris F.

Hackensack, NJ

"Our few days in Vegas was a short but a very enjoyable vacation. Our hotel was good. The flight was smooth and airport transportation was nice. We saw a show in Paris one night and traveled downtown on the double-decker bus another night. We walked the strip up and down to see all we could. I was surprising my husband for his birthday so this worked out well. Thank you for helping us organize this trip!" 

Heidi J.

Meridian, ID

"We extended our trip and added two days to the front of our trip. Our resort in Las Vegas was very accommodating and enjoyed our days in Vegas and the location of our stay. We were Central Strip and very happy with our accommodations. "  

James M.

Aurora, IL

Your VIP Resorts,
We wanted to say Thank you to the Private Vacation Club & 'Your VIP Resorts Company' for creating the best product & inventory we have found to date! No Blackout Dates. No games played. Simple booking right on your very own private membership site, book it yourself or use the toll free customer service to take care of your arrangements 

Donna, Oh

We tested the other memberships we owned & here's what we found... Over the last 11 years we have purchased several vacation memberships from $4,000.00 to $48,000.00 looking for the best travel inventory to use & to offer as an opportunity to others, from timeshare properties,  vacation clubs point systems, Vacation Incentives to several vacation memberships allowing us access to their so called private inventory. 
We have now narrowed it all into 'Your PGNPVC Travel Club' 

We wanted to share our experience with all of you booking a vacation from another membership we own, so here goes.......

 We wanted to find a place in Orlando for our family & some friends. We thought we would test out and experience for ourselves what other people say about all of the other memberships. We searched inventory from all of them that we belong to, & found what we thought we were looking for which was a 5 bedroom home in Orlando. We needed the 5 bedrooms because we were bringing friends & family.   The place we found showed pictures of this great house with private pool. There was no direct number to call. Well, we went ahead & booked it, in December, & everything seemed a go, until March one month before our vacation date, the company that took our money responded & said, sorry we do not have the 5 bedroom available that you originally picked & paid for. 
(What's wrong with this picture?) 
 We called the main Vacation membership company that we were members with, (another vacation club membership)& they said they would take care of this right away.  Well, they referred us to what they described as another one of their inventory feeds they had & told us that THEY COULD ONLY GET US A 4 BEDROOM, looked at the home they booked for us which looked fine at this point. Googled the address and we were happy with the neighborhood. We did not have a choice, as all of our travel arrangements were already made, so we took what they offered & they assured us that this property would be more than sufficient. We arrived in Florida, picked up our keys with directions to the home. When we started to drive into the development, it got a little scary, seeing people working on their cars in their front yards, people sitting around in groups on the corners, groups of motorcycles roaring through the neighborhood. Then we pulled up to the house, OMG! Old, dated to say the least.
It wasn't even the home they had picked out for us!!!! The house was something totally different.  We turned the key, opened the door, & were totally disgusted. My heart dropped! I really thought for just a moment Candid camera was going to pop out to tell us the joke is on us! 
(Note)  The worst part for us was our friends were with us & they counted on us to provide this so called great place. I asked our friends to wait, while my wife & I drove back to the place where we picked up our keys, & it got pretty ugly. I thought they were going to have to remove me from the premise...Sheewwwee(What a way to start your vacation) Unfortunately, come to find out, the membership company we belonged to & the resort company that booked us the home was not the same company we spoke to on the phone & the location that we were at to pick up the keys was yet another separate company. 
 They proceeded to tell us at the desk (sorry) that there was nothing they could do; the house we picked out was not AVAILABLE!!! Are you kidding, we ended up starting our vacation with an argument at the counter.  While we were standing at the desk, we called the main Vacation membership company we were members with & of course, an answering machine,  left several messages, called the other company that arranged this new home with no response either. Finally after a couple of hours of new negotiations & stress that cost us an additional $400.00 plus taxes & embarrassment, we paid the $400.00 & went to the other home.  Here's the worst part, we have left several messages for that vacation membership company, asking that they return our call from customer service to the founder of that company to take care of this & to date, they have not returned the call. (Needless to say we got stuck paying the extras with no refund) The other company that had rebooked & supplied us with false information on the vacation home, said sorry & told us that they would give us a $50.00 credit...........Not!
 What a shame, we had a lot of respect for the owners & operators of that particular vacation membership & program before that incident occurred. 

So again,  
We want to say a BIG Thank you to 'Your VIP Resorts' for what you guys have put together  ...anonymous 

I read this letter & have added it as a testimony & thought
You know everything happens for a reason...

To date we have not had a single complaint from our 'Your VIP Resorts' members.

 No Blackout dates, live inventory feed at the time of booking, either on line or through a 800 toll free customer service number, & we could go on & on.............

  Thank God we found out what others might go through when booking a vacation with that particular company.
 With that being said, it solidifies the fact that owning our very own Private 'Your VIP Resorts' Vacation Membership Company & knowing where your inventory is coming from is the only way to go.

I know you might be wondering if this membership is... as good as... the ones you would pay up
$8,000 - $12,000 -$28,000 & more for at a Timeshare Presentation.

The answer to that question is YES, Absolutely.

Let me educate you real quick on a Timeshare and Vacation Club SECRET.  

Almost ALL the inventory of any MAJOR Vacation Club comes from TWO sources.  

The first is "Resorts Condos International" also known as "RCI".  They are the Largest Timeshare Resorts
Exchange Network in the WORLD.  They have over 4,500 resorts in their database and 3.6 million members.  

The other major resort exchange company is Interval International.  They are the second largest with about
2,200 resorts and 2 million members.

Almost all of your Major Vacation Clubs whether online or offline... get the SAME INVENTORY
from these two sources.

Where does "Your VIP Resorts" Vacation Club get it's inventory?  

You guessed it...

Our database feed comes from the above two companies.
The best part is it's a live feed, no black out dates. If you find it available, click & book it right on the spot.

YOU have a choice.  

You can pay $8,000 or even up to $400,000 for a Vacation Club Membership -or- you can invest
$3,997 for a Lifetime Vacation Club Membership.

It's YOUR time to experience LUXURY Vacations.

Ok, Let's get back to the testimonies....

"The Bayview Resort was beautiful. The rooms were clean and well equipped. The pool and hot tub were great. It was our first time visiting Myrtle Beach, S.C. We hope to return there soon. "  http://www.bayviewresort.com/

Richard O. 

Sycamore, IL


After receiving an email from Scot outlining the benefits of owning my very own travel biz...I was hooked.  I was involved with another travel company that provided a traditional business model where I had an up line director and sales had to be shared.  I was also tied to the company's reputation for better or for worse.  So, I immediately recognized the potential of owning my very own travel club!  I love the fact that I provide a way to save lots of money for both retail customers and businesses.  I decide my operational hours, I decide when and where to travel and I decide where my future will take me!

My love of travel will now sustain a healthy income for me and my family!  Thanks Scot for sharing and introducing me to this wonderful business niche!!!

Glenda W, Ontario

Prior to becoming a member of the private vacation club and scot chatron I was working a full time job with a major telecommunication company and not really enjoying life. I always wanted to become a member of scot's team even when he was involved with a different company. I decided to get started with scot and the private vacation club because of scot's success and leadership abilities and most importantly because of what this opportunity allow its members to do and have. I have not seen any other company out there that allows you to truly own the company and market the product for whatever price you decide and keep 100% of the profits.

If you are looking for a great opportunity then do not let this opportunity pass you by!!


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