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TeleCenter is the Premium Toll-Free voicemail and communication system for Direct Sales Professionals.

TeleCenter will provide you with one source for:

Creating a steady stream of interested prospects
Pre-Recorded audio overviews of the company, opportunity and products
Communicating with your entire organization 
Training from your Corporate Team and Leaders 
Receiving Faxes 24/7 with access via Internet
And so much more!

With TeleCenter you receive a Toll-Free number to use in all of your advertising. TeleCenter provides recorded information about the company, products and opportunity 24/7 to all of your callers. As prospects listen to the pre-recorded messages, the system pre-qualifies the prospects for you. The constant flow of fresh, qualified leads will drive momentum into your business. 

You will also receive regular audio training and updates from Corporate and Team Leaders which will help you build your business.

In addition to receiving messages from Corporate and Team Leaders, you may also send your own messages! At no charge, you may send and receive internal messages (and documents) through TeleCenter to and from other TeleCenter subscribers. You can create up to 99 lists of groups you wish to send messages to regularly. These groups may be distributors within certain levels of your business, they may be your various support groups or absolutely any other type of group you wish to send messages to on a regular basis.

With TeleCenter you pay a small monthly service fee for over 35 included features in addition to unlimited inbound calls*.

GET IT FREE EACH MONTH with our TeleFriend - "3 and it's Free" Offer. Simply share iTeleCenter with 3 people and we will waive your monthly service fees! 

Note: The Unlimited Inbound Plan monthly fee includes up to 5,000 minutes of inbound calls per month. Call Forwarding and Calling Card airtime is billed at only 6.9 cents per minute US and Canada. (plans and fees may change at anytime)
Additional WCI 800 Telecenter services available for your communication Needs  http:www.TeleCenterSignup.com/WCI

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  WE Have Weekly T.E.A.M. TRAINING & Life Coaching
 Congratulations on making the decision to take control of your life. You are coming into a company WCI that is second to none. We have combined travel, incentives, rewards programs & fund raising offered under 1 roof.

 "Some people make things happen, while other people wait for things to happen, & then finally, some people end up saying WOW man, What happened You have several choices in regard to how you will market your opportunity & products.  Example; We have worked with hundreds of Lead Providers, & Platform driven companies, including some of the hottest Internet marketing ideas out there. Some people make millions from those systems, while others say they do not work. Again, You have choices, & the choice is always yours.We hope to help you minimize your Trial & Error picking & choosing which ones will work best for you.
 As a courtesy to our group with NO Guarantees, below & several areas on our site we have provided programs we have used that have helped produce results. You very well, may be reading this statement right now, because you were at one time one of those leads from one of these companies. Follow through is & will be the key to anything you do.

Part of our T.E.A.M training includes weekly training calls & live presentations for product sales

Here is another fantastic way to understand the base to conducting business over the phone

Training Presentation with part of our systems with CEM & the Calling Edge Phone Dialers

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Our Lifetime Memberships, travel & service rewards  incentives are being used for Giant fortune 500 companies to smaller mom & pop shops including entrepreneurs who work from home in any industry

  We Will Show You ...

1.  How To Stay At 3, 4, and 5 Star Resorts Just Like The Rich and Famous... For LESS Than You would Usually Pay For A HOTEL Room.

2.  How To Save $10,000 - $50,000 By NOT Purchasing A Timeshare.

3.  How To Save $1,000's On Travel for the rest of your lives.

4.  How To Receive A Weekly HOT WEEKS Listing Of Resorts Worldwide with Prices, as low as, $199.00 for 8 Days and 7 Nights.

5.  How To Vacation As Often As You Want, Anywhere You Want, At 1,000's of Resorts located in over 80 Countries.

6.  Why You Might Want To Consider GIVING Away Your Timeshare And Still Vacation TWICE As Much For LESS.

7. Enjoy Fabulous Cruises at wholesale pricing.

Plus... much much more... 

WCI Promotions offers Premier Affordable Luxury Vacation Clubs & Loyalty rewards.

Our business is about ONE SIMPLE FACT!

Saving YOU a TON of money on Vacations
for the REST of your LIFE
with the most memorable Vacations... all at a fraction of the cost you would normally be required to pay in order to stay at these same Luxury Resorts if you were NOT a member of our Private Members Only Vacation Clubs.

Membership Benefits

 Access to over 83,000 Hotels and Resort Properties Worldwide which includes inventory to over 
5,400 Premium Condominium Resorts located across more than 80+ Countries Worldwide. 

 The secret to great travel deals is knowing the right people & having access to the right programs

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Private Travel Concierge

Private Travel Membership

Prospect & Leads Update Info 

Rock Solid, Professional Business Presentation by Seasoned and    Experienced Marketers! Watch your Business grow!
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With the Industry's Choice for MLM & Network Marketing Leads

If you've been in a home business for any length of time, you've realized one simple fact: there's no magic bullet. There's no "special secret" to success. Frankly, if there were, you probably wouldn't have come to this site looking to buy home business leads. Success in network marketing and MLM depends on one thing: TALKING TO PEOPLE. 

So, if you're ready to create a nationwide warm market and talk to more people who've expressed interest in a home business, you've come to the right place.

Our leads are generated through our online home business portal (homebusinessconnection.com), which attracts tens of thousands of people every day who are searching for a home-based business. The MLM leads you receive are people who have "raised their hands," people who've said "hey, I'm interested in a good home business opportunity" and responded to one of our professional ads.
For our Team System & For our #1 lead vendor Contact Scot Chatron direct at 216-857-3228
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