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"Change Nothing & Nothing will Change"
'Help enough people get what they want, & you can have anything you want' Zig Ziglar

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Scot Chatron had his experience with corporate venues in his early twenties. Scot has over 25 years experience in building businesses from the ground floor up. He has been involved in traditional brick and mortar companies, Travel, distribution, real estate, retail, franchising, network marketing, direct sales and manufacturing. Scot's accomplishments came with just one positive thought!! Follow through". You must finish what you start! Promotions & Advertising.
The Travel Industry is where it's at.  Fact: Over 8 trillion dollars a year is spent in this industry. Even with today's current economy, it's growing at 17-23% annually. Ask a 100 people what they would do if they won the lottery & 99 of them would tell you they would travel the world. It's exciting, it allows us to refresh our minds. Zig Ziglar said 'Help enough people get what they want, & you may have everything you want'. 
 Out of all the experience Scot has in building business's, it's always boiled down to how you promote your products, services, & opportunities. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals & help you to explore proven methods that will allow you a better return on your investment. Satisfaction is key for long term customers. Using proven travel promotions provides that satisfaction, for not just your customers, but employees, contractors, & family too. Travel Now 
Stand by me is a representation that holds to any single person, group, family & company. It represents something that once heard, will stimulate good thought & well being for others around the world. That there is hope, & if you'll learn to stand by someone else, it will come back to you 10 fold. Go do something good today for someone. Don't tell anyone you did it, just do it. The Secret to an abundance of joy, is doing things for others, without expecting something in return. It is what I & many people live their life by.We really liked this rendition of what that means to stand by someone,
CLICK ON PIC- LISTEN >>>>>& stand by someone today. Enjoy...Scot
Our Company motto is derived from this type of service. 'Customer satisfaction'
"Help enough people get what they want, & you may have everything you want"
  Zig Ziglar

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Dear Valued Customer,

Recently I received a great deal on some Reward Cards through one of my new clients. And it suddenly occurred to me that I now have a great way to thank you for your business. Enclosed you’ll find an exciting $10,000.00 Saving & Rewards card for you, your family, or your business allowing you saving thousands of dollars on all of your future travel & service needs.

Make note of the expiration date on your Rewards Card, as it does not expire until 12 months after you have activated the card on our redemption web site. After activation, you have access to savings  for 12 months. The Rewards card can be redeemed based on your passcode at a special website that contains multiple products and services from which you may choose. You can order up to his certificate value worth of items and services for FREE

Also, we'll make it worth your while if you refer a friend or a family member who comes in for any of our services. I will personally send you a second rewards card that accommodates an additional family, friend or business, and  provide savings for additional people you care about.

Keep in mind that the items listed on your site include  real vacations with guaranteed deluxe hotel and condo accommodations. They do not come with catches, gimmicks, or timeshare presentations attached. More importantly, I made sure I received these Rewards cards from a well-established and very successful company. Like I said, this is just my way of saying Thanks! for all your loyalty.

I have a limited number of these Rewards cards. But I can guarantee a rewards card to the first 30 people who reply with this letter. 

Thanks once again for your business.  I look forward to seeing you soon.

Sincerely,   (sample) SMART Insurance Company using our product for Incentives

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