"We knew that if we were to compete effectively in Asia, we had to have an edge. We got one with your company."
          - K Kerlan, Thorson Ltd.
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Referral/Affiliate Definition:      
You may qualify to earn compensation by becoming an affiliate programs or simply referring customers that sign up for our programs & services . We are very innovative on helping & organizing referral programs that fit you & your customers needs. Referrals Save us us thousands on advertising. Our way of saying thank you.
 Have your services paid for with referrals or sign ups, also allowing you to earn  profits. Sources, Products, & Services found on this page are affiliate programs we use. Use them for yourself, Refer them and eventually earn profits from them. 

Your Best value for personalized & Corporate Travel. Includes WCI executive mentoring for you & your Company.

Increase business using Rewards Cards, Loyalty Programs & Vacations & Incentives 
call Scot at 216-857-3228 for details

   Our private label membership club is here
Take Part in our  Referral Marketing Program. Just refer someone to our PGN Member web site, $ call Scot for details 216-857-3228!
Call us to see if you qualify for referrals at 1-800-575-7269
It's our way of saying thank you....
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Timing beats talent every time. 

If you are not using State of the art lead systems in your marketing, you are losing business.

We combine all the tools you need into one easy to use package.
# State of the art, easy to use video email
# Video conferencing & much more

 Contact us 24/7 at 1-800-277-7116
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 Income not what it once was in your current Business? Or are you a displaced sales Rep?
Our private label membership club is here Plus... much much more... 

What if I told you there was a way to use the skills you learned in your current business to subsidize or even replace your income until the Down Cycle ends?  FULL or PART-TIME?  Work from home!
Most people would quit their current position right now if they could KEEP THE SAME LEVEL OF INCOME and lifestyle they’ve grown accustomed to.  
There is another industry where you can make that kind of money & still have a life!


We are looking for Driven, Highly Motivated, Serious & Coachable individuals who are looking for a new Sales Career Option.  This will change your life significantly, for the better, very quickly.  25 Year old company, $8 Trillion dollar industry!  Proven Track Record!  We supply all the tools to succeed including leads and website! We will coach & train you! 
Earn  up to 25 to 55% commission on each sale and get paid the very SAME week you make the sale.!  ($200 to $2,000 average commission per deal!) plus Bonus’s
No waiting for an underwriter to screw it up, a case to close or something to pop up that kills your deal.    
First Step:  Due to the high volume of interest in our company, we have all potential new reps make the call below before we talk in person.

To see if you qualify, Call:1-800-575-7269 listen to overview & leave your info .
 Leave a message with your name, email & phone number and we will get back to you within 24 hours for an interview.

Our private label membership club is here Plus... much much more...

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